Large Hexagon Shelves
  • Large Hexagon Shelves

    Large Hexagon Shelves in sets of:

    3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


    These shelves are made to make your home look stunning and attractive. You can dispatch photos, ornaments and plants.
    The add beautiful decor to your home.

    Measurements for one honeycomb shelf is
    46cm wide [18inches]
    40cm high
    12cm deep.

    We can paint these in multiple colours if you would like to mix and match. Please message us if you prefer to get them in different colours, if the colour you want is not on the drop, we can get the colour for you.
    They come with middle shelves but if u require some with and some without middle shelves please get in touch.
    If you require different sizes we can also do that for you.